About us

Sichenia, thirty years on from when it was founded, has set up a new company: PHORMA. This new company from the long-established firm from Sassuolo counts on the experience and technological development reached by the parent company, to offer a completely new product in terms of quality and aesthetics. PHORMA, in fact, has created a material with new, revolutionary qualities that is able to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for top quality synthetic material, created by using high technology while respecting tradition and the environment at the same time. However, PHORMA is not only a new company able to produce avant-garde products and offer highly qualified services. PHORMA's target is to supply a product created on the basis of research into the most reliable market surveys and is thus able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. For PHORMA, customers do not only mean one of the steps making up the industrial process of marketing, but instead are the focal point of the company system. PHORMA was set up to satisfy the requests from an increasingly selective market and from precise and exclusive requests. And it is precisely on this point that PHORMA makes a difference.
Research tailored to the needs of the market, the prime mover of the company policy, has led to the creation of a product designed for a highly qualified and exclusive consumer sector. The PHORMA products satisfy the highest criteria of quality, design and elegance, specially planned to meet the needs of architects and planners.